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July 20, 2000

Meals for One at the Salvation Army is scheduled for this Thursday evening, July 27 from 4:50 - 6:10 pm.  Chris and Brian will be there.  let me know if you want to sign up!

Adopt A Highway is coming up!!!  Saturday August 5 at 8 am we'll hit the roadside!  bring your breakfast and be there!  we've got the method down now, so with enough help we'll have the job finished and be home by 11 am!!!  PLEASE sign up!!!

How many of you miss working for Habitat for Humanity?  last time we did this it was a BLAST and so it's high time we go again!!!  Hopefully we'll do this project Tuesday evening, August 22.  tentatively mark your calendars now and stay tuned for details!  email me if you're interested!

Most of us have a few piles of junk at home, but not enough for a yard sale.  Since more is always better, we are going to have a group yard sale fundraiser at a Flea Market in Marietta!  Start sorting through your old stuff - we'll plan to do this on a weekend in early September.  Even more fun, be thinking of what we should do with the money!

Due to lack of volunteers, cleaning up after the Girl Scout camp was cancelled.  Thanks to those of you who DID show interest - there are lots of other opportunities in the near future!

During our meeting we weeded the garden, and after the meeting we each took flyers and distributed throughout town.  please be sure to post them ASAP if they're not up yet.  Let me know if you need more!  i'll email an electronic copy to everyone in the next few days.

DuPont sponsors the "Volunteer Recognition Awards" for employees who are doing good for the community.  The applications are out and the deadline is in September for this $1000 grant.  We stand an EXCELLENT chance of receiving one of these, so keep your fingers crossed!  At our next meeting we'll fill out the application and brainstorm about what we might do with the money!  $1000 could go a LONG way!!!  please also keep your eyes open for any other grants for volunteers in the area - JC Penney and the mall are two places that i vaguely remember sponsoring such things.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, August 3 at 7 pm in City Park, Parkesrburg.  We'll plan to add mulch to the garden, so bring your rakes, pitchforks, and shovels!!!  Remember, sign up for adopt a highway!!!