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July 6, 2000

first and foremost - i'm having my doubts that any of us will be working on the girl scout camp clean up.  i need to call this woman ASAP if we can't help her, so please let me know what your plans will be!!!  the work will be on saturday afternoon, July 15, picking up trash, cleaning up the kitchen, and general mayhem removal.  it shouldn't be hard, and it shouldn't take more than a few hours.  Please let me know if you will be available to help!

second, everyone did a great job weeding our flowers!  our little garden looks great!

the project plans for august were discussed, and it seems that it's time for adopt a highway again!  because it's august and likely to be hot, let's shoot for the morning of saturday, August 5, at 8 am.  as usual, please let me know if you can come help.  we discovered the secret to making this one go faster in April - with more people we could get it done even faster and beat the heat!

it's our turn at the salvation army on July 27.  This is a long time away, but be thinking about and sign up if you can! 

We've been consistently active for long enough now that it's also time to consider new leadership!  i'd love to pass on the torch to another interested, excited person - is that person you?!?!

How many of you saw the INCREDIBLE article in the Parkersburg newspaper about Local Motives?  it was buried in the back pages, but it was a great article, explaining what we do.  haven't heard a HUGE outpouring of response about new people interested in participating, but we can always keep our fingers crossed.   At our NEXT meeting i'll bring copies of that article, as well as the flyers to post around town.  In the meantime, be thinking about where we should hang them.

There is a non-profit organization grant of $1000 available if Local Motives is chosen, with applications due in November.  we need to try to be as active as possible and make a good run for this money - who knows what all we could do with that much!