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 March 16, 2000
 Local Motives
 What we do....
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The Everest Presentation was a great success! thanks to all of you who showed up to hear Andy Politz's interesting presentation and pitch Local Motives' spiel to the masses! we passed out 16 brochures, and though i haven't gotten any responses yet, at least our name is out there! because of the length of the presentation, we had a short meeting afterward.

Meals for One at The Salvation Army is this thursday evening, from 4:50 to 6:10. Please email me to sign up! we need 2 people for this event.

April 8 is adopt a highway. PLEASE HELP!!! email me to sign up! we had only 4 people at the last clean up, and need at least double that to make it happen again!

It's quickly approaching time for our first planting from adoptng a flower garden at city park! (may?!?!) we need one person to act as leader for this event, coordinating plantings, etc. The city park contacts suggested working with a local landscape store to design a garden that would provide flowers year-round....and maybe try to fanangle a discount from them! we'll also need to find a way to get some money to buy the flowers, even if we DO get a discount. we'll need the money soon, so get your thinking caps on!

finally, lesley is meeting with the other Relay for Life captains this week. Pledges will probably be due sometime during the first week in may, so start collecting money now for this great cause! even if it's something as easy as a donation can by the coke machine or coffee pot at work, every penny helps!  that's it! stay tuned for more at our next meeting, April 6!!!

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