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October 4, 2001

1. Oct. 4 we met at City Park and planted mums for fall and daffodils & tulips. We also weeded the garden. Thanks for everyone's help!

2. Steve said Mary is checking into the Washington County Habitat for Humanity.

3. The summary of events Michael mentioned is listed below:October 12 & 13 - Candlelight visit to Blennerhassett. (I believe you need tkts in advance to this.)

October 25, 2001 - Halloween Costume Party/Dance Moose Club of Parkersburg-downtown 7-9. This is the costume party/dance for the consumers he mentioned.-great time

October 29, 2001 - Wood Co. Historical Society, Wood Co. Library-Parkersburg 7PM. Come out and meet some of the interesting Older Folks in our community-they have much to share!

December 13, 2001 - Arc fundraiser at Henderson Hall, Boaz, W.Va.-will need people to sell tickets!

4. If anyone wants a kitten, a friend of mine is looking for good homes for 7 kittens. Please contact Melinda Hartz at or at 863-2706

5. The warehouse at Noah's Arc Thrift Shop on Broadway Avenue is full to the ceiling as a result of several estate donations this past week. We are having a work session on Monday, October 15, from 4:00 PM on. If you can stop by after work, we can use the help.

6. The playground at Jefferson Elementary school is having a cleanup. They will be weeding and trimming there from 9:00 - noon. Brianna told me refreshments will be provided. They are in need of a gas powered trimmer. Gloves are recommended for everyone. I also figure everyone should bring whatever garden tools they have.