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September 22, 2000

ok, getting right into business...

Reminder - Habitat for Humanity is this week! Tuesday, September 26 is the day! Scott's emailed directions to those who signed up, so we'll see you there! if you'd still like to sign up, time's getting short!

Meal's for One at the Salvation Army is also this week, on thursday, September 28. Natalie and Scott will be on call this time, and try to talk them into letting them wash dishes!

We weeded the garden and decided to hold off another year on splitting the day lillies in order to give them one more year to bulk up. I think our gardening days are numbered, so if anyone has big dreams of planting lots of stuff before the frost, speak up now!

Coming up soon is the United Way Day of Caring. We look forward to hearing more from Bryen about that at the next meeting. In the meantime, call the United Way for how you can help.

Our October project will be working with the Volunteer Action Center's Make A Difference Day project, collecting food in boxes around town and distributing it to isolated senior citizens in the local region. We've been provided with decorated boxes to collect the food in, so If you have a great idea for where to sit one, please let me know! This project will need volunteers to collect the boxes early in the week of October 22, and also to deliver the goods to the seniors the project is benefitting. Who all will help with this one?!?!?

Steve reported that the Salvation Army was excited to see him pull up with the leftovers from our yard sale. Thanks again to those of you who contributed all the stuff that raised $200 for Local Motives, and still had enough left over to benefit even more!

Thanks everyone! We'll see how much longer we can hold the meetings outside, but be thinking of indoor venues! See you at the projects this month!