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 February 3, 2000
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first! bowling night is here again! We'll meet this coming monday, 2/7 at Emerson Lanes at 8 pm. First ones there - request a lane so that by the time everyone comes, hopefully we'll be ready to bowl!

In other social news, Saturday, 2/19, the Lafayette Hotel is hosting a festival sponsored by the Mid Ohio Valley Folk, Jazz, & Blues Society. Bands will begin playing at noon, and our very own steve's band, Flat Stanley, will be playing at 1 pm. Admission is ~$10, and it's SURE to be an excellent day of FANTASTIC music! be there!

On the service end of the spectrum, the Salvation Army soup kitchen was a hit, with 5 people participating over 2 nights. We were all shocked at the number of people who rely on this service (80 - 90 each day!) in little old parkersburg, and decided to make this a standard event for 2 or 3 people each month. Mrs. Williams reports that their greatest vollunteer need is toward the end of the week, so we now have a standing salvation army date for the fourth Thursday night of each month. Who will be the 2 or 3 to sign up for February 24, 4:50 - 6:10 pm???

Thank you to all of you who donated money and/or came shopping for the Secret Santa program! We've received the official letter of thank you from the program organizers, as well as two letters from our families. The text of the letters will be at the bottom of this email - sanjay - please distribute this to the people who gave money! the extra personal touch from these families was REALLY nice. This is what it's all about!

The Boys and Girls club is sponsoring a Valentine's Day Dance/Book drive (admission is $2 and a book) for teens on Saturday, February 12 and is looking for chaperones. Where else can you go for more fun on this romantic weekend!!! The dance will probably be finished in time for you to even go out to JPs afterward and tell stories about the experience!

We will be painting the Family Crisis Center on Saturday, 2/26 at 10 am. So far there are 10 volunteers, so it's sure to be a blast! With this many people we should be able to finish in one day, although if any of you can bring paintbrushes or rollers, it might make it easier on the group supplying that stuff. Stay tuned for updates, including directions!

Upcoming projects -

* Bryen will be looking into work with the Salvation Army.

* Steve will get information about the Bike Rodeo and the Cystic Fibrosis Bike-a-thon.

* Brian will look into scheduling the next Adopt A Highway clean up for the week before Earth Day (April 15) or the state-wide clean up day.

* Shawn will make contact with the Humane Society about walking dogs or something, and the Dog Walking Marathon.

* Scott will contact the juvenile shelter for project ideas and theirs wish lists (lamps, pillows, towels, shampoo, etc.).

* Colleen will try to talk to the city park about the Fishing Derby and any easter egg hunts.

We've got a busy month to come! thank you ALL for your participation and interest! it's exciting!!!

From the Families -

Dear Secret Santa - Thank you for being a secret santa this year and helping me give my children a nice Christmas. Your generous gifts have helped me give my children a happy Christmas that probably would not have been possible without them. Thanks again for being so nice. I really appreciate what you have done. Sincerely - Becky, Shannon, Santana, and Jonah

Dear Secret Santa Sponsor - We are writing to say thank you for your generosity in deciding to become a Secret Santa sponsor this year. It is wonderful to know that there are caring people that want to make sure that children have a happy and joyous Christmas. We are unable to express how much it means to a family to be able to receive gifts for their child/children on Christmas morning that would not have been possible if not for your help. The excitement fo a child is part of what makes Christmas so special. Thank you so much for the nice gifts. Sincerely, Mary

From The Community Action Program Corporation of Washington-Morgan Counties, Ohio

Dear Donor - we want to take time now to thank you for your generous contribution to Secret Santa. With the help of sponsors like yourself, we were able to make Christmas a little brighter for area children in need. On behalf of everyone involved with the Washington County Secret Santa Program we wish you joy in the new year! Best Wishes, Sharon Romina, Secret Santa Coordinator

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