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 Who we are...
 Local Motives
 What we do....
 Who we are...

... A bunch of people who like to do Stuff!

Local Motives was begun with a suggestion by the Volunteer Action Center as an organization for people in the Parkersburg/Marietta area who want to:

    • Meet new people
    • Contribute to improving the community
    • Get away from the daily routine and try new things

Weve struggled a lot with defining our target audience, because we dont want anyone to be excluded from our cause. 

Our common ground is that we all know that the Mid-Ohio Valley has more to offer than work and sleep!  We cover a wide range of careers, backgrounds, ages, and interests, and wed appreciate your contributions!

If your organization could use our help  for your next project, or if youd like to get involved with Local Motives, please dont hesitate to contact us!

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