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 November 17, 2000
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Head's Up! Mike White of Shell KRATON Polymers has donated $175 toward the Secret Santa! Steve, i think that's a sign we can sign up for a few more kids! Our deepest thanks to Mike for allowing us to help so many kids through his generosity through Shell!!!! Keep collecting, everyone!

Also, Lesley's got us signed up for Salvation Army bell-ringing at the hottest spot in town, outside Wal-Mart, on both December 12th and 13th from 5 to 8pm! Take a look at your schedule and let me know when you can be there! At least two people per shift would be best!

Thank you again, SOOOOOO MUCH Mike! Not only did he offer this great donation, his comments are also a fantastic source of moral support! He writes the following:

"Christine, Shell KRATON Polymers would like to help Local Motives in your Secret Santa effort. I am asking Sandi my assistant to provide you with $175 toward our groups efforts. This will start you off with at least 50% of what you had last year. I am on several Boards around the community and it is heart warming to see the efforts of your group to help those less fortunate. The United Way calls it building a caring community. Your efforts go a long way toward this end."

What a fantastic way to head into this holiday season! Have a safe and thankful weekend!

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