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 November 3,  1999
 Local Motives
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Beth Bullock of the United Way spoke with us about local agencies that could always use our help. Many ideas she suggested center around gathering personal items for various local organizations, and provided us a list with many other potential project opportunities.

Many of her ideas focused on the Salvation Army, so i will contact them and try to schedule two projects during December. More at the next meeting.... Also, we've decided to begin collecting various small goods at the meetings and events. Anything another person might be able to use would be welcome (canned peas, toothbrushes, tissues, socks, shoes, etc.)

Brian has successfully gotten our Adopt-A-Highway application approved, and we're the proud caretakers of a strip of Rt. 14 (Grand Central Ave) between Vienna and Boaz. We're responsible for cleaning it 3 times/yr for the next two years, and the first clean up will be Sunday, November 21. We will meet at the Remax Office at noon for the safety video, then head out to the highway. PLEASE COME HELP!!! The first clean up will be big, so every extra body will be HUGELY appreciated! Steve and Scott will contact the Marietta and Parkersburg newspapers to run a publicity ad about the project.

Last weekend was the book sorting with the Family Matters event. Shawn, Donette, Steve, Lesley, and Chris were there to help, along with a large turnout from other organizations. Keep an eye out in the newspaper for our picture!  Shawn will check with them to find out how many people they expect to need for the actual Book Thing event, Saturday November 20.

Bryen contacted the Chamber of Commerce and found out advertising in their mailing was not a viable choice, as only advertisers have to be official members of the Chamber, and ads could only be about specific individuals, not advertising groups. so we're in need of new publicity forums! get your thinking caps on!

Our first social event was a hit, in cased you missed bowling monday night at emerson lanes. All was well and good until scott and steve broke the bowling alley! we'll definitely have to do this again!

and last but not least, we've finally learned to spell our name! after confusion from MANY people surrounding this one, we took a vote and decided that officially, from here on out, our name will be "Local Motives"......look out spelling bees, here we come!

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