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January 22, 2003

]Lawrence Elementary School in the Frontier Local school district (which the teacher described to me as "way on the other side of the county") needs judges for their February 20 science fair. It would be for grades 5-8, and the time would be from 12:15 to 3 p.m. The school is about 15 miles beyond Marietta on Route 26.

There will be 40 - 50 projects, and the teacher would like to have 20 judges (!) to make it go faster. Yipe! She would be pleased with ANY number that we can provide, however. She told me that because their school is so distant from most towns, they have a great deal of trouble getting people to help with events like this.

There are only 150 students, and the school has trouble attracting special events or assistance such as the science fair judging help that they have requested for February 20. The teacher told me that she does provide lunch at 11:30 a.m. for the volunteers to thank them for driving "all the way out here." The judging begins at 12:15 p.m. 

She will send me some information, such as the evaluation form that is used. please let me know by Monday, February 3, if you can help. Thank you! Dawn (, or 863-2513)

A variety of volunteer activities exist that can fit into your schedule. To get connected to service, register your service needs, or to offer donated goods, please call Sandy Tharp at the Volunteer Action Center at 424-3457 Ext. 111. Many non-profit organizations need your talent and skills. Listed below are some current volunteer opportunities:

DO YOU KNOW COMPUTERS AND ENJOY YOUNG PEOPLE? A local program involving youth doing computer recycling is looking for you!

COMBINE YOUR LOVE OF SHOPPING AND YOUR DESIRE TO HELP OTHERS: Volunteers are needed to assist senior citizens with their shopping on Tuesday mornings.

HELP TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR CHILDREN: A local agency is seeking volunteers to help staff a facility for monitored visits and child exchanges.

DO YOU HAVE MATERIAL TO DONATE? A local seniors' sewing group is in need of cotton or blends for use in their community service projects.

DO YOU HAVE TRAINING IN A SCIENCE FIELD? Judges are needed for a science fair at an Ohio middle school on February 20. The judging takes place from 12:15 to 3:00pm.

ARE YOU WILLING TO MAKE A 12-MONTH COMMITMENT TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD? A local agency is seeking volunteers to serve as a role model, friend and advocate to a child for at least 12 months. Training is provided.

DONATIONS NEEDED FOR FOSTER CHILDREN: A local agency which provides care packages for foster children is in need of diaper bags, bottles, diapers, wipes, and infant and toddler-sized clothing.

DONATIONS NEEDED FOR SEWING GROUP: A local crafters/sewing group needs donations for their community service projects. Cotton or cotton blend fabrics, thread, beads, and fur fabric are needed.

PUT YOUR LOVE OF DRIVING TO GOOD USE: A local agency is looking for a volunteer with a van or other larger vehicle to pick up and deliver donations.

ARE DETAIL-ORIENTED? Volunteers are needed to assist a local agency in making sure that their files are complete. You may pick your own day(s) and hours, between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

DO YOU ENJOY OFFICE WORK? A local agency is looking for a volunteer to work 3 mornings or 3 afternoons per week answering phones, making copies, and using the computer.

DO YOU HAVE SOME FREE TIME ANY MORNING? Your help is needed with a senior nutrition program in south Parkersburg. Duties include set-up, playing games and talking, and minimal clean-up.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN HELPING WITH DISASTER RELIEF? Sign up for disaster training courses, being held in the month of February.

VOLUNTEERS WITH STURDY BACKS: A local agency is looking for volunteers to help move their offices from one building to another.

OVER 55? THE SENIOR CORPS WANTS YOU! If you are 55 or older and willing to commit a few hours for volunteer service when needed, this program is for you!