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Hey all, Just a reminder that our new Introduction to Mountain Biking classes start at Parkersburg's YMCA on January 6th. They will run for 3 weeks and then the Intermediate class will run for 5 weeks. Call the Y at (304)485-5585 for details. These are great classes and will help you train for the Adventure Pursuit Triathlon, as will our kayaking classes, which are also being taught at the YMCA. See you on the river! See you on the trails.
Kim Clancy Adventure Pursuit

GET CONNECTED! VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES 12/23/02 Many non-profit organizations need your talent and skills. Listed below are some current volunteer opportunities:

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN: It will soon be time to take down the holiday lights displays. Volunteers are welcome to help with this effort by attending a meeting on January 4 at 9:00am.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP OTHERS WITH THEIR TAXES? Sign up for 3-hour sessions of your choice; these sessions last from Feb. 1 to April 15. Training is provided the week of January 6.

ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL WHO WOULD LIKE TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE? Volunteers are needed to share their professional expertise with girls working on a badge or exploring career directions.

MAKE A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD: Volunteers are needed to serve as mentors for children. A mentor serves as a role model, friend, and advocate to a child for at least 12 months.

CAN YOU SPARE THREE HOURS ONE AFTERNOON? Volunteers are needed to help with the after-school programs at various locations in Wood County. Duties include helping with the snack, assisting with homework, arts and crafts, reading, and board games.

THIS JOB IS FOR THE BIRDS! Help care for parrots that have been rescued from abuse and/or abandonment as they are readied for new homes. Your help would be most appreciated in the mornings.

A variety of volunteer activities exist that can fit into your schedule. To get connected to service, register your service needs, or to offer donated goods, please call Sandy Tharp at the Volunteer Action Center at 424-3457 Ext. 111.