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December 16, 1999

We've had a busy month! Secret Santa was a HUGE success, hitting the malls and coming up with presents for 9 different kids over the holidays! special thanks to you who came out to help, and to you who donated money also! we were fortunate to have ~$350 to spend thanks the ~20 people who participated in one way or another!

We also took our first steps into the world of Salvation Army Bell Ringing, and raised $52.94 in our 3 hour stint. this was a new experience for many, and i think we all thought it was much more fun than expected! thanks to steve, scott, kate, bryen, chris, and brian for taking an hour!

Monday, January 17 is Martin Luther King Day and the Boys and Girls Club is celebrating this event with kids from 7 - 17 years old from Parkersburg and Marietta, and they need help! Festivities will be held Monday from 10-2, with registration starting at 9:30. Two simultaneous events will occur: adults will be able to participate in a Mentor Training workshop with icebreakers, and discussions on how to be an effective mentor. meanwhile, the kids will be participating in a scavenger hunt where they pretend they're slaves in the Underground Railroad, and to gather the items, they have to ask certain people for help, determining whether they can be trusted, or if that person will turn them back in to their masters. Other activities will be making valentines for a local senior center, meeting Miss West Virginia, and eatin' lunch. Some people won't have work that day due to the holidays, and other companies allow employees time off to participate in community service events (DuPont), so think about that when deciding if you're interested....let me know!

Our second project for January is yet to be decided, so watch your email.....Kate is looking into projects with the Battered Women Shelter and Christmas Tree Recycling, and Sean is looking into work with the Humane Society. Stay tuned......

Finally we discussed publicity again. We have the chamber of commerce mailing list of potential businesses to contact, and have written a press release to send to a few radio stations to advertise in their free "community happenings" type sections. Kate and Bryen will also be contacting various local people in the media that they know, and we'll all keep brainstorming.

We're growing! Local Motives has had a busy month, and we're hoping to keep it up! tell your friends, and get excited! thanks!