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September 16, 1999

hi all! we had another localmotives meeting last night, and we're still rolling, slow and steady! a different group of people show up each time, so while it may not look like it, i think our army is growing nicely!

our major accomplishment was to decide that we're going to adopt a highway in wood county. several roadways that hopefully will be available are 14N from approximately vienna to boaz, emerson somewhere between JP henry's and the airport, Rosemar road from emerson to vienna, or 14 south of parkersburg to pettysville. this will give us a 2 year commitment to clean the roadway three times per year, so will be quite a responsibility, but just think how great our name will look on the roadside sign! and i'm sure we're all looking forward to wearing the cool orange vests along the roadsides on cleanup days!

in continuing business, shawn will follow up with the people planning "the book thing", the literacy event we previously discussed, with book sorting at the end of october, and staffing a reading event for local children in november.

we've tentatively scheduled a project for ~1/2 dozen people to help the salvation army food bank in marietta restock some shelves next thursday night. look for more details as they're finalized. thanks for getting the directions, steve, they'll be issued with the finalized plans.

publicity is still on our minds, and maria's fantastic fliers are being passed out for papering the town. if you'd like any, just let me know! we're also going to look into getting some newspaper coverage about our organization, so again, if you're interested in taking the lead on this one, or have any ideas about other places to advertise, please give me a call!