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June 30, 1999

it was great meeting with you all tonight! i feel really confident that we have a great mix of both enthusiasm and experience that might just make this a fantastic organization! if you know other people that might be interested in the planning aspect of this group, bring them along to our next meeting, Thursday, July15 at 7 pm in Quincy Park.

Our tentative mission, so far (in progress!!!) is " To provide community and fellowship opportunities for group X in the mid-ohio valley."

We decided to start service events and get a group going, allowing the natural development of the group in these early stages to determine what our target audience will be. Currently we are expecting to focus on, but NOT restrict access to, young adults (possibly single) over 19 years old in this area.

Service activities will probably be held 1-2 X/month, initially focusing on collaborating with pre-established organizations doing events that will allow us to work with each other to build a strong core team.

MANY volunteer opportunities were listed!!!

Go Do's are:


  • talk with Habitat For Humanity about arranging ~10-20 of us to work on Saturday, July 24, in a job appropriate for beginners!
  • talk with the Parkersburg Baptist Church about their project to build a new playground.


  • talk with the AIDS task force to find out if they need help with any events planned for the summer.


  • talk with your friend about the Patch Adams institute

All of us

  • be on the lookout for vacant lots in Parkersburg to build a community garden.
  • think about ways to find/get a vacant lot. (maybe churches?)                         
  • be on the lookout for upcoming events you'd like to see us get involved with!