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April 5, 2001

Action Items

*Julie - provide directions for the May 1 meeting

*Steve - get details for paintball

*Scott - send note about Habitat for Humanity

*Everyone - Collect Relay for Life donations.  The team goal is $1000!!!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

*4/21 - Habitat For Humanity - 8 am.

*4/21 - Battle of the Bands (mentoring kids with music)

*5/12 - Clean Up Green Up (prepare our city park garden plot for summer)

*5/18-19 - Relay for Life with the Arc

General - contact Michael ( to sign up to help maintain the Holiday Cemetary, adopted by Wood County Historical Society. This burial site for many local historically notables has fallen into disrepair in recent years and the Society needs volunteers to help mow the grass, etc.  The cemetary is on 6th st, by the Dept of Highways.

5/24 - Artsbridge Arts weekend - introducing 600 kids with special needs from the local region to various aspects of the arts through 50-60 art stations where they get to finger paint, make paper hats, etc.  This year the headliner group is The Dancing Wheelchairs!  The event lasts from 830 am until ~ 2pm, with lots of cleanup help needed after.

Upcoming other events

4/22 - Paintball with Local Motives!  details coming....

Wednesdays, 6 pm - River Cities Runners hosting beginners running clinics. Various speakers teach about running, and over the entire course participants will progress from running 1/4 mile to being able to run 3 miles.  The course is $10, and ~45 people are participating now.  Weekly meetings betin at the City Park Pavilion.

Last Monday of the Month, 7pm - Wood County Historical Society has meetings at the Parkersburg Library on Emerson Ave.  Features different speakers each month teaching about many aspects of regional history.

American Cancer Society Relay for Life update -  A fundraising auction will be held 4/14 adn 5/5 at the Lubeck Civic Center.  to donate items, drop them off from 1 - 4 pm.  Proceeds from the sale go toward the Relay for Life team you identify when you drop off the items. The auctions begin at 5 pm.  Current donations include couches, paintings, photography, etc. 

At the next meeting we'll turn in our donations for Relay for Life and discuss plans for the actual  event, delegating responsibilities.  Also collect Luminary sales in honor of people with cancer and sign interested cancer survivors up for the Survivors Lap.  A tug of war will be held during the relay for $6/team to raise money.  So far local motives has three 2-person tents and one 8-person tent donated. 

Old Business -

Adopt A Highway - 16 bags of trash collected by 7 people in 1 1/2 hours! EXCELLENT work!  thanks to all who collected!

Rockin' Lock in - a resounding success!  needed more volunteers, but came out ok.  Steve's a rock and roll legend!

Next Meeting -

TUESDAY MAY 1 at Julie Johnsons house, 630, directions to come later.  Pot luck!  Julie - salad, Kate - cookies, Lesley - chips, Michael - hot dogs, Emily - burgers, Chris - buns, scott - drinks, everyone - whatever else you want! 

See you at Habitat for Humanity and Paintball in a few weeks!