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October 18, 2001

1. Steve went to the Garden/Playground that Brianna from Connect WV had requested help with. Steve said that had a fairly large garden that was in need of some TLC. No weeding has been done on it for a while prior to this clean-up. He suggested that we possibly change spots from our current to help support it. We decided that part of the reason for our current garden spot was the community exposure, but we would possibly be interested in a spring clean-up to help them out.

2. If you have not put up the fliers for Local Motives that were distributed when we out to the Simmons Farm, please post them!!

3. Steve contacted Debbie Lawson, the Shockin-N-Lock In is cancelled for this weekend.

4. Adopt-A-Highway is the main event for November. Original Scheduled date is Nov 4 (sunday) 2 PM. (I have found out that I personally am unable to make that date. Would Nov 11, 2 PM work? Please check your calendars. We will pick the date that we have the most people.)

5. Every Monday 4PM Noah's ARC thriftshop on Broadway (South Pburg) needs help organizing the shop

6. Brian is checking with Wood County Habitat for Humanity

7. Washington County Habitat for Humanity Jim Seevers who is the building supervisor. He informed me that they are working on two different they are putting siding on, the other they are just pouring the foundation. He said he could use our help almost any saturday, he just asks that we call him by at least thursday of the week we want to volunteer. This will give him time to talk with the group that is providing food, so that they can feed us. They typically start at about 8 or 8:30, but he said we can arrive whenever we want and leave whenever we want...there would be no set hours, just whatever we could volunteer. We could be doing almost anything considering they have two homes that are in two different stages of development. So basically, we just need to pick a date when people are available and go from there. They also work all day on thursday, if anyone is interested. Jim's phone number is 740-373-9408.Do we want to pick a Saturday??

8. If you know of another community organization that needs a fundraiser next August, please let me know!

8. Check out another volunteer group's website Connect WV

9. Upcoming Parkersburg Events

October 25, 2001 - Halloween Costume Party/Dance Moose Club of Parkersburg-downtown 7-9. This is the costume party/dance for the ARC consumers.

October 29, 2001 - Wood Co. Historical Society, Wood Co. Library-Parkersburg 7PM. Come out and meet some of the interesting Older Folks in our community-they have much to share!

November 17, 2001 Family Volunteer Day December 13, 2001 - Arc fundraiser at Henderson Hall, Boaz, W.Va.-will need people to sell tickets!