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July 20, 2001

HI all! hope you're enjoying what seems to be our july break! we haven't totally disappeared though, so check out the following! (2 events to keep you busy this saturday am, 7/21/01)

Noah's Arc Thrif Shop at the West Virginia Avenue and Broadway Avenue is having a big summer clearance sale and could really use some help. Here are the jobs and times they volunteers:
* set up from about 8:00 AM until 9 or 10. At Broadway we have office furniture that we want moved from the warehouse to the driveway in front of it and we have display units to be moved. We'd like to have one of the units assembled. At WV Avenue, we will be moving racks and clothes outside, setting up tables and putting boxes of stuff on them.
* sort donations during the sale - We had kept up with donations pretty well until last week. Now both shops are pretty well piled up! We'll hope to go through a lot of that Saturday while the sales are going on.
* clean up and haul things to the Salvation Army - I am sure that by about 4:00 PM our volunteers would be thrilled to see a relief crew help to clean things up. Trucks are especially needed. 

Adventure Pursuit is organizing a work party for this Saturday July 21 at 8:00 am. They are trying to finish off a picnic shelter that they started on Memorial Day. Adventure is a non-profit organization that is into kayaking, biking, rapelling, and other outdoor activities and is partially responsible for West Virginia including kayaking as an event in the Special Olympics. They are asking anyone who helps out to bring any or all of the following if you have them: extension cords, extension ladders, power screwdrivers, drill, hammer, gloves, level.

Our 2nd July function is to pick up trash on our Adopt-A-Highway section during the last weekend, July 28th. I know for me personally this is if-fy, and Scott and Lesley probably won't be able to make it. With enough people, we usually knock this out in under two hours, usually closer to an hour-and-a-half. Who's available?

And finally, in the realm of fun! A co-op at GE Plastics -- Craig Wojcicki is trying see if there would be interest in a friendly softball game within the next 2-3 weeks between the GE co-ops and the DuPont co-ops and summer students. Since we're considered to be a group of "young people who can still do those kinds of things without aches and pains", we've been invited too! if anyone's interested, let me know!!!