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January 11, 2001

Art had an EXCELLENT suggestion by making these meetings something fun, and yay to Scott for suggesting the Outback! 

Upcoming Events

The year's starting off great for Local Motives! 

*January 23 - Buying necessities (soap, towels, toothbrushes, etc.) for local agencies.  Meet at the Sam's Club entrance in Vienna at 630 pm.

*Feb  Baking Valentine's Day Cookies with and/or for a local agency (Family Crisis Center, ARC, retirement home, etc.)

*Feb  Reading Event to support Literacy Month - read/act out story to kids

Action Items

*Chris - get contact names for agencies to receive necessities.  Find out brochure printing information (cost, timing)

*Brian - contact agencies to determine current needs

*Lesley/Julie - contact library to schedule reading event and get book assignment.  Also, confirm when Literacy Month is, and decide if we want to do the reading anyway if it's not Feb. (i'm finding everything from march to september on the internet, but i think International Literacy Day is 9/8).

*Everyone - suggest restaurant for our next meeting!

Old Business

*Read Thank You from the Community Action Program for Washington and MorganCounties for 10 kids sponsored.

*Haven't heard anything from the Salvation Army

General Business

*Reviewed brochure and fixed spelling.

*No meeting on 1/18/01.  Will instead substitute Sam's Club outing and get back on track for the first and third thursdays of the month on 2/1/01.

That's it!  see you on the 23rd to spend some of our moldy money!