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May 1, 2001

Relay for Life Update

*Everyone bring 1 batch of cookies for us to sell

*Schedule - Survivors Lap 730, Begin Walking 830, Luminary Cermony 930, Bonfire and Scavenger Hunt 1200a, three man Volleyball 2am, Tug of War 1200pm.

*Meet with your committees!  Site Decorations - Emily, Lesley, Chris,

Julie, Michael.  Food - Scott, Kate, Joan (also bring citronella candles).

Campsite Setup - Brian, Steve.

*Things to bring  ice coolers - kate and steve;  chairs - kate, emily, steve, chris, scott (2);  tents - julie, steve, kate, michael, joan; lantern - steve, scott; stereo - scott

*Everyone bring  sleeping bags, sunscreen, rain gear, games

*Everyone will split the costs incurred by the Food and Decoration Comittees

*Let julie know asap about when you plan to be at relay for life so we can ensure coverage.


Clean Up Green up - 5/12/01

*Meet at city park at 9 am.

*They will drop off mulch and be there for a photograph w/the mayor between 9am and 11 am.

*Chris will get flowers for planting


Other upcoming events

Holiday Cemetary - upkeeping and mowing this historic cemetary.  contact michael to help (

5/24/01 - Very Special Arts - Artsbridge event with special needs kids doing lots of different arts projects.  Entertainment will be The Dancing Wheelchairs.

Drywall with the salvation army - chris to find out details and schedule if possible.

Old Projects -

*Habitat - a bunch of us showed up to learn about laying a foundation! scott will plan another one later in the summer that hopefully will allow us to work on the same house again!

It's going to be a busy month, so our next meeting will be announced later!  see you at clean up greenup, and relay after that!