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April 29, 2002


Need Volunteers!!!
Friday May 3 - ~545 pm, (especially need tall volunteers!) set up tents for Bike Rodeo in the St. Joseph's parking lot for ~30 minutes. contact Joan at if you're interested.

Saturday May 4 - 900 am 130 pm - Bike Rodeo. This event provides bike helmets to help prevent brain injuries. We'll need people to fit helmets, restock supplies, check medicaid cards, distribute instructions, handle the crowds, plus extras to fill in on breaks if it's hot. contact Joan at if you're interested.

May 3, 4 - Need ushers for "1776" at the Actor's Guild. If it is friday/saturday show - you need to be there by 715. if its sunday, 130. To volunteer, call Barbara Rigsby at (work) 304-480-6377 or (home)740-667-0212. Volunteers help people find their seats, pass out playbills, and get to see the production for free!

May 9 - 7pm - Weeding and Planting at the Jefferson Elementary School playground, near the intersection of 7th and Plum.  let me know if you plan to attend!

Action Items
Steve - find out exact campsite location.
Steve - determine time for us to meet on thursday for setup and friday for relay.
Steve - recruit dunkees at next captain's meeting
Steve and Brian -  determine when the water should be delivered and contact fire dept.
Brian - shop for carnival prizes - $40 limit, but don't get more than ~100 toys.
Chris - find out if we can get the canopy from joan again for relay.
Chris - get plants for Jefferson Elementary if possible
Emily - plan/confirm w/radio station announcers for dunking booth. specifically for fri eve and sat am. will need to bring their own equipment.
Emily - Advertising Decorating Committee Captain - with Sam, Chris, Amy, Steve - plan and create decorations/ads for relay. would LIKE (but don't necessarily need) flag banner (from michael simmons?!?!?) for dunking booth, perhaps streamers, balloons, and signs to place around the park advertising the dunking booth.
Julie - Food Committee Capt -  with Scott, Brian, Michael - plan and delegate food for relay.  We're all willing to bring, just tell us what.

All - sell candy bars and candles. (especially julie and michael!) still have ~4 bags of candy bars and many many candles!  contact steve ( to pick them up.

Old business

*Steve volunteered at mall for National Volunteer Week - had fun people watching, and actually gave out some useful info to get new volunteers!

*Habitat was cancelled due to lack of interest.  I'd appreciate knowing why there was the lack of interest!  poor timing, too short notice, boring event, what? 
*Scott has agreed to pickup and return the dunking booth.
*Dunkees will be Chris, Steve, Scott, Michael, Emily, Mary, Julie and all others we can recruit!
*Thursday night will be the main relay for life setup - carnival games, canopy, etc. stay tuned for when/where.

So far we are expecting the following coverage for relay.  we need ~5 people at all times.
All relay
Sam, amy, joan, steve

friday eve then sat am

all relay until sat am

late fri eve to end

Fri night
Julie, Scott

don't forget, we need help setting up thursday night also!

finally! the web page is up to date and has a GREAT new look (if i do say so myself!).  take a look, and let me know what would make it even better!