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March 21, 2002

Old Business:

22 bags of trash at adopt a highway! all that collected by 7 people in under 2 hours! we're regular trash professionals!

Upcoming Events:

April 11, 6 pm. work at one of our gardens. Stay tuned for more info regarding which garden and directions. start stocking up on trowels!

Bowling Night - some time between now and April 15 if possible. Will let you know details...

Relay for Life Update: (check web to find out what fundraisers you can support)

Action items:

Steve - order 4 cases candy bars (will share w/sam's team).
Steve - check on if there's a minimum order for the candles, and get extra pamphlets if appropriate.
Steve - check with relay to find out approximate size of our lot - enough room for several carnival games?
Steve - check w/debbie to find out $$ raised at car wash 2 yrs ago.
Everyone - brainstorm potential local celebrities to sit in dunking booth

Discussed Relay Car wash fundraiser, but rejected that for now. Still in progress with the dunking booth. Baseballs are included. Will also plan ring toss if there's room. Expect to need minimum of 5 people at relay at all times to walk, staff games, and watch our stuff. Goldfish, stuffed animals, and candy bars will be prizes.

Mary is checking with the Marietta Habitat for Humanity to schedule work date. Chris is trying to get Parkersburg Habitat to return her calls.

On a lighter note, see below for directions to the venues where steve's band is playing on March 23 and 30!

and for those of you who see "chemlines", check out the article with Local Motives winning our second DuPont Volunteer Recognition Award!