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May 23, 2002

05/23/2002 10:45 AM We survived relay!!! it was cold and rainy and miserable, but we did it! and actually managed to walk many many laps!!! steve is right - next year SURELY we've earned beautiful weather, so it can only get better!!!

Bring all remaining candles and all money raised for relay for life with you to the next meeting, 6/6/02, 7 pm, Carmicle residence. directions will be included in the reminder. Convert all change to bills!!!!! If you sold candles or candy bars, come with a count of how many of each that you took to sell to begin with. We'll be figuring out the amount local motives raised for relay, so hopefully it'll be exciting!

Let me know TODAY if anyone besides steve has candy bars left - i'm turning our leftovers to sam ASAP so he can sell them for the ritchie county relay.

Michael needs ushers for the new production at the Actor's Guild (sorry, don't know the show). Friday and Saturday shows start at 8 pm and volunteers need to arrive at 7 pm, Sunday shows start at 2:30 pm and volunteers need to arrive at 1:30 pm. Contact michael at to sign up. 5/31 6/1 6/7 6/8 6/9 6/14

Relay items to be picked up: 1. 3 relay T-shirts. If anyone didn't get theirs, let me know. 2. 1 blue and white striped umbrella. 3. 1 blue fold up chair. 4. 1 grey T-shirt from some college, I think it was Wake Forest. 5. 1 baseball hat (Todd's, i believe).

Contact steve at if you want to pick these items up before our next meeting. otherwise, get them there. unclaimed items will be confiscated!

Be thinking of new, exciting projects for local motives to focus on now that relay is over! see and for ideas!!!