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January 22, 2002

First things first - we need a vote. The Ely Chapman Foundation has our $200 and would be glad to return it. However, They are planning to have a band night Feb.16 at the Jr Fair building in Marietta. They are basically going to let any high school rock bands get their 15 minutes of fame (actually it's half an hour). They are considering giving a small amount of money to each band that participates. They may also need volunteers for the event. Do we want to let them keep our money, or would we rather volunteer and ask for it back? Opinions! need a vote!

other upcoming events -

At the last meeting we planned to help the Arc move items from their warehouse to the stores. This has been scheduled for this Sunday, January 27, at 3 pm at the entrance to the Peoples Cartage/Mayflower warehouse, on southside near Erickson Field. We especially need people w/trucks.

Also, don't forget to sign up to help w/ushering for the Agatha Christie show, January 27, and Feb 1-2.

Good news! Steve has found a partner group for our homecoming parking lot - we'll be working hand in hand with Boy Scout Troupe 44 on this fundraising effort. at our next meeting maybe we can brainstorm an activity or two to do w/them in the meantime, just to get to know them. We believe that between the boys and the parents and us, this will be enough people to cover the expected 165 manhours required.