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August 27, 2002

The parking lot fundraiser was a whopping success! $1486.51 was raised, divided with 743.26 going to the homecoming committee, $480.64 going to the Boy Scouts, and $312.17 going to local motives! the general consensus was that it was not nearly as much work as we thought it would be, and not a half bad way to make some extra money!!! thanks to everyone who helped staff this event!!!

There are several opportunities to help out coming in the next year - see if any of these are up your alley!
10/26/0 PHS Tutoring recruitment
11/5/01 Lubeck Elementary School Science Fair
11/8/01 Read Aloud West Virginia training session for WW volunteers
11/15/01Blennerhassett Elementary School Science Fair
11/15/01National Read Aloud Day
12/5/01 Wood County Elementary Science Fair
1/10/02 PHS Science Fair
Jan ? Mar Assistance with PHS student project: robotics competition

Julie is following up on what is required/where is the need for Boy Scout merit badge counselors. surely among our various backgrounds we could sponsor a few!!! check out the following link and stay tuned for more info!

The community playground garden behind Jefferson Elementary school is in desperate need of far more than a little weeding every so often. Chris is following up to find out about getting new mulch for the gardens. look forward to a mega work party next spring!

Due to lack of interest, discontinuing local motives was discussed. it was decided that the few active members still enjoy the group enough to go forward, building in more social activities, and doing a better job with publicity.

What weekend/s are you available in October for a fall foliage trip w/local motives?!?!?!? we're thinking of getting a cabin near black water falls!!! are you interested? will you be there? what weekend works for you?!?!?

Our next meeting will be September 5 to do Adopt A Highway. Be at the cement guy's house on grand central (near the country club), at 5 pm! we need 5 - 7 people to get this done fast, so please let me know if you'll be one of them!!!