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November 7, 2002

This is going to be the greatest tree! thanks for the FANTASTIC turnout last night, and for your creative talents!!!

Actual Tree Decorating will begin this coming Monday night, November 11, 6 pm, at the Blennerhasset hotel.  Please bring any miscellaneous items you think might be useful (ie., safety pins, hot glue guns, etc.). Also, these are other assignments of things to bring...
Mary - tree skirt
Julie/Kristen - coathangers
Scott - ornament hangers, surge protector
Steve - mars bars, milky ways, basket thing to put them in

Mary is also checking into the possibility of having us become merit badge counselors for the boy scouts.

 Women Raise the Roof - the Habitat for Humanity Group by women - is also still active.  They're meeting tomorrow to move dirt and hang drywall. lunch will be provided! I think they also meet tuesday and thursday evenings, if you're interested.  contact Becky at 863-4347  (wk) or 489-9118 (hm), or call Steve at the Habitat Office, 422-7907.

Secret Santa is coming up! Steve's looking into the dates, etc., so get ready to go shopping!!!

Chris is trying to schedule a Habitat for Humanity project.  stay tuned...

volunteers are also needed to be Tutors for PHS students, typically in accounting, algebra, algebra with trigonometry, biology, calculus, chemistry, English, environmental science, general math, geometry, history, physics, pre-calculus, Spanish, and trigonometry. Volunteers meet with a student for an hour between 5 and 9 p.m. to assist them with their studies. Tutoring sessions are held at the Parkersburg-Wood County Library on Monday-Thursday evenings.  Tables located downstairs in the center of the room can be used for the sessions. Let me know if you're interested in being a tutor!

Contact Sandy Tharp at 424-3457 Ext.111 or if you're interested in any of these opportunities!

HELP OUR FEATHERED FRIENDS:  A local agency that rescues abandoned and abused exotic birds needs your help. Volunteers are needed to help with their care during their rehabilitation until new homes are found.

HANDYMAN (OR WOMAN) NEEDED: If you can fix leaky pipes, we really need you!

DO YOU HAVE A HELPFUL, FRIENDLY PERSONALITY? A local agency is looking for patient, mature individuals to provide assistance (opening doors, directing traffic, etc.) to visitors at a special event on Thursday Oct. 31 and Friday Nov. 1.

ARE YOU READY FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPING?  Help a senior citizen with their shopping on Tuesday mornings.  You meet them at the store, help them with their list, and join them for lunch.

DO YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH FUNDRAISING? A new non-profit agency needs your help in planning their fundraising program.

HELP A CHILD:  Volunteers are needed to monitor visits and "exchanges" between parents and children.

WINDOWED ENVELOPES TO GIVE AWAY: If your agency can use No. 10 windowed envelopes, please give us a call.