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August 1, 2002

practice makes perfect, and we cranked out the 2nd half of the fence at Adventure Pursuit in only 1 1/2 hours! thanks brian, emily, and scott!!!

our next meeting will be weeding at the Jefferson elementary school playground garden, 7 pm. bring your garden tools!

the homecoming parking lot schedule is as follows. we are counting on the boy scouts to provide 3-4 additional people per shift, except for friday night. any additional help to cover boy scouts who might not show, to relieve people working extra shifts, or for the crowds especially on saturday night, would GREATLY appreciated!

4:30 - 9:30: Steve, Mary, Emily, Chris, Brian

10 - 2: steve:
2 - 6: Brian
6 - 10: Julie, Michael, Chris

12 - 4:30: Brian, Craig
4:30 - 9:30: Emily

contact sandy tharp,, to sign up for any of the following events:

HELP BUILD A PLAYGROUND: Volunteers are needed to assist with assembling new playground equipment at McKinley School on August 10.

CONSTRUCTION HELP NEEDED: Both skilled and unskilled workers are needed to assist with a week-long home building project in September. Lend a hand to help a low-income family become a homeowner!

DO YOU LOVE ANIMALS? A local agency is seeking volunteers to help with the care of animals walking dogs, brushing and petting cats, assisting with bathing and grooming of the animals. see you at the next meeting, or at the homecoming parking lot!